Erica (wannablessedbe) wrote in thequestionclub,

you all seem smart, maybe you have some advice....

In March I decided to drop out of my current school and transfer to community college for fall. I added the community college onto the FAFSA, but it never showed up on any of the paperwork. When I called they said I had to be enrolled at the moment for it to show up and that I might end up having to go a year on personal student loans because its hard to get money when transfering. Then the program I wanted at community college was full, so I can't start until spring. Now I'm getting notices saying I have to start the Stafford loan repayment in November.

1.Will this change if I can prove i'll be in school in the spring?
2.How long can you defer these loans?

The major problem being that there's not much of a way I can pay them back right now, unless I take out another loan to cover them. I've been job hunting since May and haven't even gotten anywhere, probably because I have no experience or transportation.

3.Would taking out a student loan to cover the student loan stupid? I figure if I take it out when I'm in school, then I'm kinda of defering them until Graduation again.
Tags: money, school
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