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Movies vs Books

The age old question... What is better, the movie or the book it was based upon?

Do you read a book and get ticked that the movie does not follow it to the letter?

Would you rather watch a move and not care what the author wrote?

I personally get far more thrills out of watching a movie than the book. I have made some comparisons, and granted it can be frustrating if the movie alters an important aspect of the book. But I get far more of a rush when I see the action unfold in front of my eyes, as opposed to reading it.

Look at it this way, you see people leaving a theater all excited and pumped and energized. They clap and howl with delight..
That never happens in books... You just sit back and quietly read, it is such an internal experience. Occasionally you will chuckle, and cry if it is emotional at the end. But thats it...
In the movie when you SEE the monster swoop down and HEAR the music, your heart races and you are overcome.
In a book you just read the words and move on. You make a note of what the monster did and thats about it.

Now 99% of the people I ask this to always say, the books better.... BUT WHY? I do not get it?
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