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TQC, what's stressing you out right now?

What's your favorite feel-good movie?

I go to a magnet high school that's about an hour from where I live. I drive myself to school and back. As a favor, I also drive A, a girl that lives about a block away from me there and back every day.

I'm not going to school on Wednesday (It's a half day, I have college applications and I don't see the point.) I told A. last week so she could make arrangements. She's trying to convince her parents to let her stay home that day also, so that she can invite her boyfriend over and hang out with him.

Her parents are leery of letting her stay home alone, and will only consent if she has a friend over. She called me and asked if I wanted to come over that day.

I told her no, because I might be busy working with some people on a group project. She got very persistent on the matter and kept asking me what time I was planning to meet with them -- if it was in the morning, I could instead sleep over her place on Tuesday and leave Wednesday morning to meet with them. I told her I'd call her back later.

Now, I have no interest in hanging out with her period. I'm not her biggest fan and I'd rather not be someone's third wheel. My question is -- what the fuck do I say to tell her no in a way that she'd understand? What on earth do you say to someone who just won't take 'no, I can't' for an answer?

EDIT: Okay you guys, I called her back and told her I was totally unavailable. She sounds kind of pissed, but I honestly give less than a fuck.
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