Extraordinary Supergoddess (otempora541) wrote in thequestionclub,
Extraordinary Supergoddess

Inspired by a Jezebel post

Why do you buy stuff?

I need it to to live (food stuff)
I need it to learn (schoolbooks/pens/highlighters/flashdrive)
I can't go around naked (clothes/shoes/accessories)
It's only one dollar and it's used! (most of my book collection lately)
I need to my cheap books (I do paperbackswap.com)
I need it to avoid babies (contraception)
Because movies are meant to be seen on huge screens and music is meant to be heard live (movies/concerts)
Because it's a birthday or it's for my friend's kid.

Why do you not buy stuff?

It's pink (albeit if it's closer to purple I'll buy it)
It has a logo all over it/has brand names all over (some exceptions apply)
It's a brand new book
It's not flattering on my body
I lack a job.
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