iheartsarahduh (iheartsarahduh) wrote in thequestionclub,

A company contacted me via Monster.com which I had previously applied to about six months ago from a different account. It turned out to be a huge scam. What are some good ideas to fuck with them? I'm bored and it's scary how I almost fell for it (until I Googled the company name a day before I signed tax papers with them). They also called me four or five times to harass me after I told them I wouldn't be taking the job and that they should Google their company name, so I want to fuck with them if at all possible.

When you apply for jobs, if you don't fit all of their requirements, do you still apply? Has anyone ever gotten a job that way? A lot of places are like "Oh, you need to speak fluent Spanish" (I took five years of Spanish and understand it, but I'm not the best at speaking it) or "5+ years experience as an administrative assistant" (I have two/three)

When you find yourself unemployed/out of school, how do you keep yourself organized, on a "normal" schedule, and motivated to keep searching for jobs?

Also, ACORN hasn't given me the rest of my paycheck (they skimped out on two days of pay), nor have they written me a letter saying I was laid off so I can claim benefits after I both spoke to someone in person and sent emails. How do I show them not to fuck with me?
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