( j a d e d, c y n i c a l, p a r a n o id ) (darkemagick) wrote in thequestionclub,
( j a d e d, c y n i c a l, p a r a n o id )

Hi, anyone speak Elvish here?

Dear TQC, I'm planning on getting a tattoo in Elvish, but I'm running into trouble with the translation. I used this site to transliterate the word 'strength', and I got this:

(Please ignore the amateurism of the jpeg; I don't have Photoshop on this com so it's sheer Paint, Word Doc, and screen capture skillz)

But when I used a Tengwar converter online, they translated it as such:

Why do I have an extra symbol in my translation?? Which version is the correct one??

PS: Google is my friend, I know. Have googled and have posted this in some forums that I am in too, but I haven't gotten any definite answer yet, hence I am posting here.
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