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I'm buying myself a t-shirt from Cafe Press that says "The Baby Wants French Fries" and my mom the one that says "Don't I look too young to be a grandma?"

The decision... the only "aunt" shirts (for my sister, obviously) are "aunt-to-be." The ones I'm getting for my mom and I are the cheap $12 ones whereas the aunt one is $18 (not that much of a difference I guess...) but the one for my mom, she'll still be able to wear after the baby comes so I have no reservations about that. And the one for me is just funny so I want it $12 worth. But the aunt one isn't even that cute and she'll only be able to wear it for a few more months, if she even wears it much at all.

I'd feel bad getting my mom and myself t-shirts with nothing for my sister because my sister and I are so close (and we all live in the same house, so it's not like she wouldn't notice)... but I'm just not sure I want to get her that shirt.

Any suggestions how to handle the situation?

Order the two shirts for my mom and me and not show them until I can find something somewhere for my sister?

Just get them and explain that I didn't like the aunt shirt, even though my sister might feel left out (and she buys me random things way more than my mom does... and uses an LJ icon that says "auntie to be" so she might not hate it)?

Not order them until I do find something for my sister?

Just order the one for me and get mom and sister stuff at another time?

ASK my sister if she wants it, even though that'll eliminate the little surprise of just giving it?

P.S. I'm sorry if the 'pregnant' topic gets annoying...

.......does it?
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