Avery W. Krouse (averypenguin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Avery W. Krouse

What was That Show?

Okay, help me out here. I'm trying to remember a kid's game show. I want to say it was on one of the networks or on the Family Channel (before it became ABC Family).

It involved kids going through a maze of these big glass panels (I think). I remember a floating head or a head on a screen, maybe three of them in one room (or multiple doors with talking heads or videos in one room), something about multiple guardians that controlled different parts of the maze, challenges they had to overcome, and some really important woman figure, maybe the boss or the host figure. It had a sort of fantasy feel, and I'd also want to say the player was guided by a teammate outside the maze.

I'm almost certain it is not the Crystal Maze from the UK, because it was on here in the US. It would have been on sometime in the early to mid 90s (possibly even late 80s).

I know that's pretty vague, but does anyone have any idea at all?

EDIT: Got it! Thank you, it was indeed Masters of the Maze
Tags: tv
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