Brynn (existingleaf) wrote in thequestionclub,

Anonymous questions: Installment #4

These are questions you guys have asked anonymously in a special entry. If your question isn't in this post it will be in the next one, I've been cutting them off at 10. You can ask a question here for future posts.

1. Does being jealous always mean you are insecure? What could be the reason for it if it's not insecurity?

2. a) How do you feel about the "Furry" Fandom (people who roleplay or think of themselves as an anthropomorphic animal)?
b) Do you know any furries (online or offline)?
c) Would you ever go to a FurCon?
d) Have you ever gone out of your way to harass a furry? Why did you do it?

3. Do you have any friends, family, who are prejudiced? Why are they like that if they are? Do you think it's possible to "cure" them of their bigotry?

4. Does it annoy anybody else when a *certain someone* includes links to their persona journal in every single entry they post here?

I'm serious. This drives me more insane than anything else in this community and I have to know I'm not the only one.

5. Whereas most people know exactly where the boundaries are for cheating on your SO physically, i.e. kissing, sex, etc...what are the emotional or psychological boundaries? What non-physical things could your SO do that you would feel is considered cheating?

6. I'm a poor grad student and I never feel like I have enough money to spend on things. But I've been poor since college (8 years). when I think about it, I just feel bad about all the fun times I didn't have, didn't go out, missed concerts, etc. Should I spend money so I don't have to regret it later, or keep saving and feeling guilty about staying home so much?

7. Is there any way to help someone lose wait? He knows he needs to do it, but it's hard to make any progress. Are there any systems that have worked for you? (this is my boyfriend and we live together, if that makes a difference)

8. If you know someone that you aren't really friends with but you kind of know them, and you know that they cut, is it the first thing that comes to your mind when you see them?

9. Have you ever masturbated using a household/common item? If so, what was it?

10. Would your parents be upset if you married outside of your race?

Tags: lj culture
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