bastardsword (bastardsword) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. a) There was an artist a while back who did amazing CGs in a rough, sketchy, painterly style. I know a lot of them were speed paintings, and a lot were of junked-out cities, but he/she/the monkey occasionally got commissioned for very precise, quasi-technical drawings of spacecraft and motorcycles. I know that's not too specific, except she/he did CG using Open Canvas and posted some tutorials. I'm trying to find those tutorials as really enjoy seeing how other people paint. Who was this artist?

b) Any other 'tutorials' (read: 'this is how I paint') you can suggest? I'm not looking for 'how to draw hair' stuff. I'm stuck in a rut and I'm trying to find new ways of looking at the whole painting experience.

2. What's one musical artist that you adore but no one seems to know about? Mine would be Sufjan Stevens. He's absolutely the most poetic artist I know of.

3. What are things you want to see before you die? Personally, I really want to see a Vermeer, a Rothko and a Pollock in real life, as well as tour South America and Asia.

4. You have a choice. You can either create perfect pieces of art, music or writing. Which skill do you choose?
Tags: advice, hypothetical, music
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