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Book publishing

When people write books that are then published, do they have to contact all of their source material authors and ask if it's okay to cite their works, or is it acceptable just to cite the sources for the publication without contacting their creators?

Any Googling (maybe I'm using the wrong keywords) just talks about citing in academic papers and whatnot, I'm looking specifically for books to be published for the general market.

EDIT: In the past two/three weeks or so, has anyone else had a problem with Miss Vickie's Chips? That is, the chips are fine and everything, but the flavour that was supposed to be in the bag isn't? This has happened to me both times I bought those chips in the past few weeks, and it happened to my boyfriend too.

If you have had this same problem, also let me know where you live (generally), I want to see if this is a regional thing. I'm in Ottawa, Ontario.
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