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I have some questions for all you neopets users out there!
1) Are you Premium?
2) Do you have a gallery? What do you collect? Is it complete?
3) Do you colllect avatars? What's your favorite?
4) Are you following the Lost Desert Plot?
5) Do you visit any fan sites?
6) What neopet communities are you apart of on LJ?

1) no, I don't feel like it's worth my money
2) Yes, I collect Notebooks. Nope I only need 3 more.
3) so-so I'm not hard core or anything But if there's one I really like I'll go for it.
Currently Blumaroo-Fire and Kacheek Swim are my favorites.
4) Yes! I was so excited to have a plot that didn't involve Batteling!
5) I mostly visit nuttyaboutneopets
6) dailyavatars, neo_adoption, neopianrants (My fav!), pick_a_pet
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