goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

Which would hurt more? (hypotheticals!)

1. Two people are on the phone (casual boring conversation) A says she'll call B right back but doesn't. Next time she sees her she says "sorry I didn't call you back.." and B responds "That's ok, that's just how you are." Do you think it hurts more to be blown off and not called back by a friend or for a friend to blatantly address a character flaw?

2. Person A thinks person B stole from her. Do you think it hurts more to not know if your friend stole from you, or to be the friend accused of stealing? (regardless of whether it happened.)

3. Do you think it hurts more to find out one day your partner of five years had been cheating on you constantly for your entire relationship, or to be with somebody who made you feel everyday like you weren't good enough for them?

4. Do you think it hurts more to find out that your mom hates you or that your daughter hates you?
Tags: family, friendships, relationships
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