jetmorrison (jetmorrison) wrote in thequestionclub,

Government pays you a dividend of 400 dollars....

well my government is anyways, and with this magical cheque i am thinking about finally investing in an Ipod.... i need some advice from some You guys.... lets see...

1. What model do you/do you not advocate, and Why?
2. What operating system do you use with it?
2b.If your answer is Windows... did you find the transition to using a Mac type program easy?
3. Is it safe to use a regular p2p like Kazaa (as safe as kazaa is to begin with...) for your Ipod? or can you only use Itunes downloading thingy?
4. Because they made a specific model called Ipod shuffle... does that mean all models previous did not have the shuffle mode?

Thanks for any and All feedback you might have
Tags: ipod, shopping
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