plaidpineapple (plaidpineapple) wrote in thequestionclub,

I sold something on eBay 3 days (and change) ago, and it looks like the buyer just isn't going to pay. The buyer is a PowerSeller and runs an eBay store, so she's probably pretty familiar with how eBay works regarding payment. My auction states that the buyer has 48 hours to pay by PayPal once the auction ends, and currently, she's at 80+ hours without paying. I've sent her an invoice through email, as well as a friendly reminder to pay by email.

1) How long is a fair amount of time to wait before reporting her to eBay/leaving her negative feedback?

2) I'm sure that after I give her negative feedback, she'll give me neg. feedback as well. If it's an unfair negative (which it likely will be), am I able to have that neg. feedback removed? I only have 8 pieces of feedback total, all of them positive, and a negative would really hurt my score. I checked eBay's rules about this, but they're unclear.

3) Have any shitty eBay stories to share?

(This pisses me off because of the five things I've sold in the last three weeks, this is the SECOND person to try to get out of bidding/paying. At least the first person had the decency to write me and say, "yo, I can't pay," and I canceled her bid without reporting her.)

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