we feel lucky when we wake up (explain_things) wrote in thequestionclub,
we feel lucky when we wake up

I've been riding my bike at the boardwalk recently. It's October in NJ so there are very few people there. I can go through several towns but then I come to a town with a sign that says "No bicycles, except between 3am and 10am." I can see why they have this for the summer, but it seems pretty stupid for the off season. It's too cold/early for me to be there before 10 am, and I've seen a few other people on bikes on that part of the boardwalk. I don't mind riding in the street through that town but there a big lake to the left that you can't get past unless you go on the boardwalk, way out of the way on the road, or through the sand.

So, do you think they really ticket people for this in October? Would you just keep riding on the boardwalk?

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