♪ Nø®a ♪ (mon_deluge) wrote in thequestionclub,
♪ Nø®a ♪

postoffices and political posters

So my mom went to the post office today and in front they had a poster of Obama as Hitler.  It said something about not wanting Obama's Hitler healthcare or some bullshit.

Anyway, regardless of someone's views I  always thought comparing anyone but Hitler to Hitler is offensive and I'm surprised that something like that would be at a place like the Post Office.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but are things like that--political things that obviously aren't neutral--allowed at post offices? Off of the top of my head I'd think that since it's a government-owned building/property that it isn't allowed.

Anyone know for sure? If you don't, do you think  someone should say something about it? The thought of going to a PO and seeing that is really... unpleasant.

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