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so a previous question reminded me...

I may have to quit/get fired from my job tomorrow because i refuse to take out my labret piercing (ball stud below lip). I'd say the chance is a strong 75-99%.

I am so sick of this degrading bullshit.
I've worked as a baker at a huge corporate donut and coffee shop (Canadians, you *know* where I'm talking about) for almost 6 months now. At first they said my single face piercing was fine. Weeks later they asked me to cover it with a band aid. Fine. Degrading, pointless, gross, but whatever. 2 days ago they sent out a change in their corporate dress code, stating that all visible facial piercings were to be removed immediately and band aid coverings were no longer allowed.

I have had my labret since 1998. It is perfectly clean and perfectly healed. I will not remove it for any shit job like this. I'll spare you my rage on this subject in general, except to say that i've never been late, called in sick only once, and am just a good worker who stays out of trouble and keeps to herself. My piercing affects nothing and no one, the customers barely see me as i am in the back all day.

I called the head office and asked them if wearing a clear plastic retainer would be acceptable. They said they had not realized this option existed. I explained that they are tiny and invisible unless you know what to look for. They thanked me for bringing it to their attention, and said they would have a meeting and get back to me tomorrow.
They way companies are, i don't expect this to go through either.

The worst part is that i hate my job anyway, i would love to leave but i don't have another work option at this point, and i am pretty broke. I hate it, but i need the money at the moment.

I figure i have three main options.

1)Instant resignation, the big 'fuck you'.
They tell me the clear retainer is not acceptable, i tell them i won't work for such an unprogressive company, and walk out the door right after. It's sure to make a statement, and also leave the store without a ready replacement. I bake ALL the products, and start work alone at 4:30 in the morning. They can't just call people in to fill that shift. They could be screwed for weeks.

2)2 weeks notice- tell them i'll just quit rather than take the thing out, but can i please have 2 weeks to find another job first? (Is there any chance they'll go for this?)

3)Play the religion card- a classic. They can't do anything about it if i'm pierced for religious reasons, and if they're going to fuck me over, i might as well fuck them back. I've got nothing to loose at this point, and a bureaucratic mess might be fun. I've already called the Ministry of Human Rights about this option, and while the obvious choice is the Church of Body Modification (, that's not currently recognized as a valid religion, at least as far as Canadian laws are concerned. But i'm pretty sure

LaVeyan Satanism, i mean. Although i wouldn't say i'm a follower of that philosophy as my personal religion, i was very interested in it some years back and am still a big fan of Anton LaVey. I find his books and essays to be witty and intelligent, to claim i am in fact a follower of his would not be too much of a stretch. And piercings would fit right in with their belief of self-as-god.

So, here is a poll.

what's a Witchbaby to do?

1) short, sweet, curt- instant resignation
2) draw it out for as long as i can, beg for 2 weeks notice
3) play the religion card

Feel free to comment with other suggestions, sympathy, general mockery, demands for your long overdue syringe icon requests (i have a lot on my mind right now with this crap, i'm sorry!), etc.
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