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Anonymous questions: Installment #3

These are questions you guys have asked anonymously in a special entry. You can ask a question here for future posts.

1. Is it better to live a life of guilt with the person you love or to confess and break both your hearts ?

2. Do you or have you ever self-injured? If so, how?

3. Sometimes I think I shouldn't have kids, because I don't want them to go through the same suffering and shit that I put up with in school(teased constantly for 12 years) or I worry they will have all my problems - acne, weight issues, shyness. Does anyone else think this? What's your biggest fear about having kids (whether or not you want to have them)?

4. One of my classmates has an LJ and I started reading it. She obviously isn't aware I know about it, since she has said some pretty nasty stuff about me. This is funny because I barely speak in class (neither does she) and have never talked to her. She seems really depressed and very angry. Should I
1) keep reading her LJ and not say anything
2) make anonymous snarky remarks (fun but mean)
3) make anonymous helpful/friendly remarks
4) Just leave the whole mess alone

5. Have you ever pretended to be something you're not just to see how people would treat you? When I was 14 I pretended to be a boy online just to see how some girls I knew would talk to me. Of course it was very different, they all were flirting with me and calling me cutesy versions of the guy name I made up. I wanted to throw up but instead I just flirted back with them as the guy.

6. If you have or had a dog, when in public and nobody's there or watching, do you scoop up your dog's poop?

7. This is going to be long and I'm really sorry about that and thanks to anyone who reads it. I go to a nearby college and still live at home with my parents. So they get involved in my life a lot. I had a few classes at night and I'm going to be having some night classes again soon. They don't like me being out at night alone so they pick me up after class. The thing is, we don't have a car so we have to wait for a car service which always takes forever to get there (even when they call in early to come a certain time sometimes, and also sometimes on days I get a quiz or test we leave when we're done so they can't call ahead) and I'm standing there at the college with them with all the other college students all about and I'm very embarrassed by this. I never usually see anyone's parents with them there. They take a car service home on their own. Or if they DO get picked up, it's quickly in their family's own car or something, which I've seen maybe twice. My parents are kind of the embarrassing type if you know what I mean, and they get very loud.. like one of the times my dad was talking REALLY loud and then my mom yelled at him REALLY loudly to stop speaking so loudly, LOL :( And everyone was staring. And sometimes my mom might mention very low to my dad that we have to hurry she has to use the bathroom and my dad says it to me then really LOUDLY that my mom has to "take a leak". And all kinds of stuff like that. I've asked them not to do this but it's part of them I guess cause even if they stop for a little bit they always go back to it! But anyway, I try asking them to just let me take a frickin car service home, straight to the door, NO. Okay, then let me take the bus, there are a lot of people on the campus that get on the bus and they can meet me at the bus stop and then we go home from there, NO. I know this sounds petty but it still bothers me, and I know I could have it much worse. If you were one of the people on campus and saw me with them and all this going on, what would you think of me?

8. Have you ever just read a quick summary or the cliff notes of a book just to say you "read" the book to impress people and look intelligent? This does not include teachers, doing it for essays and all that.

9. Someone once said in another community that posting nude pictures of yourself online is disrespectul to yourself, that she won't respect you, and that it is "NOT art." Do you agree with this?

10. I'm not interested in the following really popular things, how many of these are you not interested in too? And I've never even seen/read/played any of them.

Lord of the rings, the hobbit, star wars, harry potter, Pirates of The Caribbean, Lost, The O/C, anything gamer (the last thing I had was a super nintendo and played that like 10 years ago), anime/manga/all of that stuff, comic books, horror movies (I get scared, okay? make fun of me), and much more but that's enough for now.

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