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I suck.

I checked the mail today and there was this scratch card promo that was sent to us. It didn't say what organization it was from but I scratched it and apparently I won. I looked on the back and winners can win one of five prizes. All of the prizes are seemingly good, $5000, an X-Box, flat-screen tv, a set of cooking pans and some sort of travel voucher or something for $100. I phoned the number on the back and it rang through to like, this carpet cleaning company who come show you some stupid vacuum thing and then you can get your prize. I didn't know that there was a catch but I asked the lady if for sure I was eligable for a prize on the back, she said yes. So I figure, what the hell, right?

So my boyfriend comes home and I tell him about it, laughing. But he thinks it was stupid of me and is convinced it's all some sort of scam.

Have any of you ever had something similar?

And, am I just a sucker?

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