Erica (wannablessedbe) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm going to be starting classes in the spring at community college, here's my problem. The school requires the entire bill to be paid in full a week before classes start. They send the bill out three weeks before classes start, giving me two weeks to come up with the money. My fin aid got messed up, so i'm taking out the entire amount in a personal loan, the problem is my loan company takes over a month to process and hand out money.

Should I estimate the amount of money and take the loan out before the bill arrives, giving it plenty of time to me paid beforehand?
Should I wait til it arrives, take the loan out then, and hope they let me start classes as long as I show them the loan agreement so they know its coming? Would a community college do this? My other school did, but it was a 4 year college and was a lot more lenient about money.

Also, it is better to take out an entire year of school loans (two semesters) at once, or get a new loan each semester? I was just getting a new one each semester, but a few friends said its easier to take out one large sum and set it aside for the following semester.
Tags: money, school
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