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In case you missed it

As a result of this: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/69330447.html I developed an incredible migraine that I described as "a rusty piece of wire worked its way through the front right top of my skull and snaked its way out through my eye" and it's also making my right sinus and jaw muscle throb. My world pretty much sucks entirely at this moment.

So I called out of work. This is perhaps the second time I've called out since January - which is when the current general manager started at my store, who was also the person I called out on today.

Me not being there does not effect the running of the store at all - it just means some stuff won't get put away today, which is fine since it can be put away tomorrow.

Does my boss have a right to be hella pissed at me like she sounded? Should I call back and say I'll be there soon in spite of the fact that I practically can't see due to the pain in my head? Should I stop worrying about this and just go back to bed before my head caves in?

ETA: I just blew my nose and not only snot but a bunch of blood came out of my right nostril. WTF?
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