Christina (momma_batty) wrote in thequestionclub,

 Hubby and I have very different opinions on love, and I thought it would be interesting to bring it to a bigger audience...

I think that the sweetest kind of love is the kind where you can let go if you know it's better for the other person, because you want what's best for them. He thinks that when you truly love someone you hang on and fight it out no matter what, because you love them that much. Opinions? What do you think is the strongest, sweetest kind of love?

ETA: I realized I didn't phrase it as well as I could of. In the first situation what I mean is a situation where one person may go as far as ending it, because they feel that the person they're with deserves more. In the second situation I mean fighting it out for as long as both parties want to, not one person hanging on while the other tries to end it.

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