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Caring for injured wild bird

I just found an injured bird (New Holland Honeyeater - Australia) outside a short while ago and it looks like it might have broken its wing. I picked it up and held it for a while as other honeyeaters were trying to attack it and it cannot/will not fly. I've popped it into a plastic box (with the lid slightly off) with a warm towel and covered it with a coat to keep it dark for a while, and just called the local vet (and just got an automatic message).

It's getting late and I'm not sure what else I can do. I'm looking up other animal/wildlife numbers to call in the phonebook to see if anybody else can help, but in the off chance I can't get through/get anyone, is there any advice anybody can give me into making sure the bird can survive the night? It seems well enough and mobile right now, except that it can't/won't fly.

Edit: Can't get through to anybody, so I put a wrapped up heatpad into the box and put the bird on top of it so it can stay warm for now. I'll feed it some honeyed/sugared water later on, and again before I go to bed. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm just going to hope it can survive and take it down to one of the centers tomorrow to see if they can help it better than I can.
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