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i have a 5-7 page paper due friday. like a dumbass, ive not started it.
my schedule for tomorrow is as follows:

8:00-10:00 - work
11:00 - ? - meeting with a small group for an english presentation (done in class on friday)
1:40-3:10 - world civilizations
7:00 - tattoo appointment
9:30 - college libertarians meeting

my question: should i skip my world civ class? ive only been in classes for a couple of weeks, but i really need to get this paper done (its a pretty hefty amount of points). our first three skips in world civ are automatically excused, no questions asked. plus the profs syllabus says its just a lecture/notes, and i have the class with my roommate so i could easily get a copy of the notes.
right now im leaning towards "skip class, do the paper".


edit: im pretty sure the night meeting was canceled, so that answers my question. ha thanks.
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