Katie (burntheladle) wrote in thequestionclub,

Cooking for one

How do you manage the food situation in a group house, if you live/have lived in one?
I'm currently living by myself, but some folks are moving in soon, and I'm trying to work out what I want to do about food. I have a fairly erratic schedule so I don't know much in advance when I will be home for dinner, so I am a bit leery of pooling grocery money for shared meals/cooking rotation. On the other hand, I feel really rude when I cook a lot of food and there are other people around and I don't offer them any.

If you're just cooking for yourself, how do you go about things?
I've always cooked for a household, never just myself before. My current plan is to cook 3 big meals a week, and spread the leftovers out to cover the other days. To reduce waste, I'm thinking I will buy the day to day staples in a big shop once a week, but buy the ingredients for dinner on the day I am cooking. Does that sound reasonable?

How do you tell if frozen meat is still okay?
I was cleaning out my freezer and found a bunch of frozen steaks, in ziplock bags. They've gone quite a dark brown - are they going to be alright to eat?
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