_ (tree_pretty) wrote in thequestionclub,

All the single ladies, all the single ladies...

How do you react when you get asked the questions: "Do you have a boyfriend?" (and when the answer is no) "Why not?"

If there is a reason/s you don't currently date, do you tell them the truth? Does it depend of who the asker is to you? Will you tell me/us?

My answer: I do whatever I can to shut down the conversation. To me the first question is conversational, the second is downright rude especially as I only seem to get asked this by total strangers. I don't ask people how their marriage is going, do I?

If I have to respond politely, I tend to make a joke about how I'm a freak magnet and how only crazy people find me attractive. This is true. The parts I don't mention are that I work stupidly long hours (with women and gay men only - so I neve meet guys at work), have major self esteem issues, hate clubs and bars because I'm secretly and introvert and I have intimacy issues. Add in the 'taller than most guys' factor and you have yourself a winner ticket for being long term single.

Also, OT but not really.
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