Brynn (existingleaf) wrote in thequestionclub,

Anonymous questions: Installment #2

You can ask a question here for the next installment. I combined 4 into two questions since they're similar.

1. Do you find moles attractive or not? Do you have any raised moles on your body and where?

2. What do you think about special parking spaces in places like supermarkets for pregnant women and parents with toddlers?

3. Do you own a pair of black panties?

4. a) Is there any way to stop the homework questions? I've been through high school and college (waaaaay pre-computer/internet), and really don't feel like even having to read that stuff, let alone help someone. I realize I can just skip it, but IMO I shouldn't have to.

b) i really hate reading about everyones piercing-pus and other icky problmes, can we please stop with the "diagnose my medical problmes" questions? theres ask-a-nurse and other sites, to look up symptoms, and i dont think theres a real doctor in the whole questionclub.

5. A few times I found pictures on the internet that fit in with the theme for photocontest and entered them. I got votes but never won. I feel really bad about using someone else's work, and it was very immature of me to do this. Should I confess to the people at photocontest or just not do it again and it will be okay? I feel really guilty over this and I know worse has been done but I'm not like those who show no remorse. Do you think I'm a bad person?

6. Does anyone else just not care about sanitation and germs and stuff? Because seriously, I hate washing my hands after I pee. It just seems like a waste of time. I don't like taking showers - I do it every two or three days. I use deodorant and stuff, so it's not like I smell, but really now.

7. what's your opinion of pennsylvania?

8. Have you ever trolled and if you did, why?

9. Is there a way to wear low rise pants without having your ass hanging out?

10. If you went to a wedding, and pasta was one of the meal options, would you think the couple was cheap?

Tags: lj culture
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