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More About Mice

I am still having my mouse dilemma. I think it's a bigger problem than I can take care of myself. See, someone has cleared two big fields near our house and I think the mice have taken up residence in my residence.
I have caught 2 mice but I have a feeling that is only the tip of the iceberg. Anyway, it appears that I have 2 options:
I can use a service like Terminix. Basically, that is just pest control. They do things to kill the mice when they come into the house. It's $350 for a year contract and I'm not sure what kind of guarantee they have. I can't imagine it would be much though because they know they mice will still be there, they will just be killed if they come in.
My other option is a place called BioLab. They actually seal off your house from the inside and the outside. They run off the existing mice with an organic chemical spray. They ventilate your attic and systematically seal every crack in your house. They go under the house and seal there. They replace any wiring, boards and A/C ducts that the mice have damaged. They pack all the mouse holes with poison and concrete. They ventilate under the house. This will be a 3 day project with a 2 year guarantee. The total for this service is $3300.
Now, here is my problem. I am having a really hard time making a decision about this because we don't just have $3300 laying around. It seems to me that it would be better to do the more permanent solution for the peace of mind. Plus, when they ventilate the attic, that is supposed to help the A/C work better and keep the house cooler. Also, they repair the A/C ducts and that will help some too. They fix the wiring and that would be nice. I know there are some problems there. But it's $3300. We can scrape that up but it will be hard.
On the other hand, Terminix is $350. But there will still be mice there. They just won't be in the house.
What would you do?

EDIT: Please don't tell me that it's bad to kill the mice. I hate to do it but they can't live in the house with me.
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