Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

today is the career fair. I'm required to go by my sociology orientation class. Right now it'd be cool if i got an intership, but I don't really care about one.
AND that bee-sting that i was asking for remedies for on monday? It's infected. I'm on antibiotics, but that hand is swollen and pretty much worthless.
I'm dressing kindof business casual/'picture day'. It's basically practise for when I want to go for real. I'll bring resumes, but they'll be on regular paper.
How do i want to approach people? I don't really want to advertise that I'm there for an assignment, but I lso don't want them thinking that thisis me trying my hardest.

Also: Anyone wo knows who Melvin Mencher is (big important journalism guy), is there anything you want to ask him? he'll be coming into my class today- soon- to talk to us and answer questions.
Tags: school, work
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