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I was in a discussion yesterday about books.  One thing that was said was According to a book of essays ... 70% of American homes do not have books in them.   This came up in a discussion of TV shows that did not have books on the set and if that was meant to show a typical family.  So now you are thinking I am going to ask something deep.  Nope. Can you name shows that have books displayed in homes?  Here are the ones I came up with immediately.

I put the show, the location, and approximate size.

Gilmore Girls - Rory's room - A lot, not just on shelves, but in drawers and under her bed, Richard's study - a lot, I think in the living room - if they are there, they are on the lower half of the wall on either side of the fireplace
Growing Pains - Living room- I seem to remember one bookshelf and maybe around the fireplace, Jason's office -quite a few in his office
Cosby Show - Living Room -when you walk in and turn right, just past the desk there is a tall wall of books in a built in case (I am feeling pretty pathetic right now)
Mad About You - Living Room -Two built in bookcases on the upperhalf of the wall one either side of the door heading into the bedroom (or maybe just one on the right) and I think at least one other shelf
Family Ties - Living Room- I don't remember exactly, but I think it was decent
Friends - I THINK there are some in Ross's apartment not sure
Fraiser - Living room - not too many considering
The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - Living room - don't remember, i think a few built in shelves
Sex and the City - Living room - it seems like there was one wall in her living room devoted to books

What can you add?
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