Chocokid (chocokid) wrote in thequestionclub,

iPod Question

So after two straight weeks of looking, I can't find my iPod. I am this close to calling it permanently lost or stolen. I feel stupid, but life goes on. At the moment I am looking at prices of iPods and other mp3 players on

Is a 20 GB iPod for $170 by a private seller with a 4.8 rating legitimate? I am not exactly sure how Apple worked it out, but I know they are now selling iPods that are in color so I can see where an 'old' black and white screened one wouldn't be as popular anymore. I don't need color, but I would like to have the 20 GB.

Alternatively, do you have any other positive experiences with mp3 players that are cheaper than the iPod and have over 5 GB?
Tags: ipod, shopping
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