Unger (engagedapathy) wrote in thequestionclub,

That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets!

(Had to quote Mean Girls since it kind of fits my question.)

So I have these friends, let's call them Alice, Betty, and Carla. Alice and Betty used to be best friends and they didn't really know Carla, maybe knew of her but she wasn't really important. Then Alice met Carla and decided to drop Betty almost entirely, focusing all of her attention on Carla. Betty became very jealous and got separated from Alice's friends for a while. Now Betty has been re-initiated into the 'group' and has become better friends with Carla, and is kind of good friends with Alice again. This was all hunky dorry except now Alice tells me stories about Betty being a bad person to Carla because she's only being 'friends' with Carla because she wants to be with Carla's boyfriend, whom she has been friends with for longer than Carla. I definitely do not believe Alice and have told her that, but she continues her beliefs, and I don't want Alice to tell Carla false information, but I also don't want to start anything between Alice and Betty again. I think either way Carla will get some screwed-upness out of this whole situation, but my question is, should I tell Betty about what Alice said, so she could tell Carla about it so Carla doesn't mistake her for being a bad friend if/when Alice decides to share her stories or should I just let things run their course and hope Alice decides to not say anything? (Does any of that make sense...?)
Tags: advice, relationships, tv
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