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Anonymous questions #1

These are the first 5 questions you guys asked anonymously. I'm going to follow semi_sweet's suggestion and let it be ongoing as long as people have anonymous questions they want to ask. I'll post in groups of 5 in the order they were asked as they come in. (You can ask a question here.)

1. How do you feel about pro-ana/mia websites and communities?

2. What do you think of these names? Is there a specific race or ethnic background that you associate with each one?

Kerensa (rhymes with credenza)

3. Would you think less of a 20-year-old person who has never had a job or even volunteered?

4. I want to get a kitten but I'm scared for the health of the kitten for two reasons. There are wires in my apartment on the floor for all kinds of things (telephone, tv, computer) especially the computer, a whole mess of them (i'd try to do something about it to make it less dangerous but i'm still afraidl) and also in the corners and edges the floors have dirt that is REALLY hard to get rid of, it almost seems like "permanent" dirt. Should I not get a kitten because of this or do you think it's okay and I'm overworrying? One person said it's okay because cats MAKE places dirty, lick their own dirty fur clean, and they survive on the dirty streets, but I'm still worried if it would lick the edges or get tangled in the wires. And does me asking these dumb questions mean I'm not ready to take care of a cat?

5. Did you ever catch a significant other smelling your armpit? I caught my ex and he said he tried to do it without me noticing because he thought I might think it's weird. He says he finds the scent sexy.

Tags: cats, lj culture, people, relationships, work
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