Connie (twofishsquished) wrote in thequestionclub,

When writing something formal (well, not necessarily formal, but not as casual as when you're writing in your journal, or talking to someone through mail, etc, etc.)say, like an essay for school:

Do you like your style of writing? Do others? What do you wish you could change about it? If you want, you could share a snipit of a piece of your work.
(If anyone cares to ask, I'll show something, but I'll leave it out for now.)

Me, I hate my style of writing. I think it sucks, my vocabulary sucks, and my formating sucks. I don't think I ever seem to get my point out in one simple thought. I talk too much, and give too much uneccessary detail and I hate it. I find it difficult to put out what I'm thinking. (Which is also why I'll never be a teacher. I can't explain squat to anyone because I have no idea how to explain it.) Whenever I try to make one point, I go through all these other (probably unrelated) points before I get to my primary one.

Yet, people say they love my style of writing; they say it's comical, witty, and clever, yet sophisticated(ha!). But I always fail to see it.
I wish I could just get something out in a clear and simple thought rather than going through all this complex and unnecessary crap to get to my point, which is probably never even been made clear because they've been sidetracked by all this other nonsense.(This would probably be a good example right here.)
Tags: school
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