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Worst. Movies. EVER
How many of the BOTTOM 100 movies on imdb have you seen?

I've seen 31 of them, and own 6 of them (terrible movies are a hobby of mine, yay for Kazaam!)

my excuse:
i have this tradition where my boy and i rent the worst movie(s) of the year to watch on New Year's Eve. That's how I've seen Battlefield Earth, Crossroads, Master of Disguise, Real Cancun, From Justin To Kelly, Glitter, You Got Served, etc.
Add that, my dad's love of terrible horror films, plus my 80's childhood insures that i've seen Teen Wolf Too, Cool As Ice, Mannequin 2, Mortal Kombat, and all the Police Academy movies.......

I just love shitty movies. I saw Gigli in the theater the week it came out after i heard how bad it was supposed to be!
What i consider to be the worst movie ever made, EVER, isn't even on that list. It's Kevin Costner's epic- "The Postman". It's pretentious as hell, bizarre, poorly written, 4 hours of pure pain, and then Tom Petty shows up for no reason at all. And to top it all off, it cost a mere $80 million to make. The sheer scope of how bad this movie is, in every possible way, will not fully hit you until weeks later.

Of course i love good movies too. There's just something special about a really bad movie that somehow still got made. So many people are involved in making a movie, how does this crap keep getting made?
It's magic :D

p.s. Have you seen #1- 'Manos' the Hands of Fate?

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