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What's your favourite Beatle's song? Any reason why it's so special?

I have soft of a three way tie between Hey Jude, When I'm 64 and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Hey Jude, I just love. Especially since I found out that Paul McCartney wrote it for Julian Lennon when Julian was little (and then I really liked figuring out how it was meant for him). When I'm 64 because for a while before eloping, my husband and I would randomly play it for each other and it made our secret even more wonderful. He even played it right before we left the house to be married. When I hear it, I get this big grin remembering how giddy I was! And Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds because some of my only good childhood memories of my real dad were us driving around at night with him playing it and me looking out the window at the stars in the sky. My dad is responsible for a lot of my musical tastes and it was his favourite Beatles song (at least then) so we listened to it a lot. I loved anything my dad loved, plus it's a great song! Also, I really love A Little Help from My Friends, because, well, who doesn't need their friends?! Haha, this was a hard question, I have to stop now before I explain why I love all of them.
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