mahhh (juice_by_alex) wrote in thequestionclub,

This might be a REEEALLY dumb question. I'm a freshman in college so I'm a total newbie to the whole living-on-your-own thing.

I'm filling out applications for apartments for next year with 3 friends and it asks for a credit reference. I have a debit card, but no credit card. My dad has HORRIBLE credit from debt on our house and now also has a debit card, no credit card, and my mom also has really bad credit from when she had a credit card but now just has a debit card. So basically, none of us have credit cards, I have no credit because I'm a baby new to the real world, and my parents have really crappy credit.

What should I do? Can I apply without a credit reference? Should I just fill in my bank account number under the credit reference even though I only use a debit card? I'm coooonfuuuused!
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