The Sparkly One (sparkleplenty03) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Sparkly One

I woke up this morning with a incredibly bad pang in my calf.. dad says it's a charlie horse from not getting enough potassium.. I used to get them all the time, and so I started eating bananas regularly, but why the heck is it back? It only lasts for a few minutes or so, but I can't move my leg or bend my knee or anything. And waking up like that isn't the best, either.

I googled charlie horse, but the reasons they gave me were from too much exercise. And I haven't exercised much more than I do usually. (I did alot of walking on Sunday, but nothing out of the ordinary. I work at a job where I'm constantly walking up and down stairs and all over the place.)

Is this what I'm getting? How do I stop them?
Tags: health
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