. (heysmilepretty) wrote in thequestionclub,

So due to the flooding in my area, my university closed campus and cancelled all classes for half of yesterday and all of today. I'd figured that it was mostly because the roads were really bad (several major highways were shut down, and for a school of mostly commuters this is obv a problem), but this afternoon I got a mass email from the university president informing us that there was really bad flooding and "extensive damage" in most of the parking areas and several classroom buildings. Long story short, it didn't say when campus would be reopening and that there would be another update this evening.

How long do you think my vacation is going to last?
How much do you think it will suck going back to school?
When the fuck are they going to get around to actually sending out this email that they said would be sent at 6pm??? I'm getting anxious about this and I don't really know why.
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