Babeebugg (babeebugg) wrote in thequestionclub,

(I do apologize for posting a few times in past few hours)

My Aunt Anna and I were very close, she died a few years ago and was cremated.

I would hhave liked to go and visit her grave but obviously there is none. So I would like to do something in her memory. I promised my mum I'd take her up to the house where she was born and we could see the tree under which my Mum and Aunt Anna used to play as kids. So I thought of doing something while I'm there.

But I don't know what.

I had a few thoughts but nothing I can settle on. I thought about writing a letter to her, tying it to a helium balloon and letting it go but it'd burst when it got so high and where would the letter land?

I thought about burying a letter or making a time capsule type thing and burying that as well.

Any suggestions as to what I could do?
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