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Questions for mothers and fathers to be.

I have some questions for parents to be I was hoping you guys could help me out.

For both
1. How did you react to findin out you were (or your Lady is )pregnant?
2. Have your intial reactions to the pregnacy changed? How?
3. How has your daily life changed sice you found out you will soon have a baby?
4. What has been your major concern during the pregnancy? Do you have any specific fears or worries?
5. Havce you seen any chnges in your narital relationship due to pregnancy?
6. What type of birth do you plan to have: for example, natureal child birth with the father present, with anesthetic, or caesarean section?
7. How are you preparing for the baby's birth?

Specifically for the Mother
1. what was your recation whenyou first heard the baby's heartbeat?
2. When did you first feel movement?
3. What is your diet like? Has it changed?
4. What kind of exercise do you do?
5. Have you takne any drugs or medications?
6. Do you smoke?

Thank in advance for your help and insight
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