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yet even more sex questions...

i was fooling around with a guy the other night, and i was wondering a few things:

1) how long does it take for sperm/semen to "die"? i mean, is it true that if they hit the air, it only takes a matter of seconds?

2) what do you like better: a sort of playful, flirtatious, funny make-out session, or a more serious, romantic make-out session? or some other mood?

3) does anybody else get hickeys really easily??? it's quite frustrating b/c the guy can barely suck on my neck (or so it seems), and suddenly i have like ten hickeys the next day. grrrrr.

and somewhat unrelated...

what do you guys think about tattoos? sexy? no? good on guys but not on girls? vice versa?
this guy had a really tight tattoo, and i think it's mega-sexy. i'm planning on getting a tattoo by the end of the summer. just wondering what ya'll thought.
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