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A rather pathetic dilemma

I really want to get some sort of extra piercing(both ears pierced already, but that's common). I have a baby face and I'm sick of it (I'm eighteen, but nobody would believe it to look at me). I like the look of the monroes, and those tiny nose studs. I don't care for flashy piercings on me, but those two look fun -and- classy.

The problem--I am scared to death of needles, pain, and the fact that it could get infected. (I tried piercing my belly button and the top of my ear; I am allegeric to all metals except high quality gold and silver and I didn't know that at the time. Very nasty infections on both accounts.)

Anybody have a suggestion that would look cool, but not too flashy? Also any tips on preventing infections from piercings would be greatly appreciated.
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