.....said the fool to his majesty (de_throned) wrote in thequestionclub,
.....said the fool to his majesty

I'm a junior in college, and I'm quite happy with the school I was going to. But my parents wanted me to transfer to a UC for the sake of my "future." So I applied thinking that I wouldn't get in and I got in. Now I'm here on the UC campus and in a couple of days school is going to start. Problem: The majority of classes that I took at my original university weren't allowed to transfer over to the UC, so I pretty much have to start over as a freshman when I'm already a junior.

UC does have a better ranking, and the school in general sounds better. My original school is a third-tier school that very few people would consider going to, but I definitely would've finished within two years and graduate in time. I want to be able to work after I graduate and possibly apply for graduate school. In that case, a UC diploma would be more valuable, but I was thinking that the extra time to achieve the degree would eliminate the value of the diploma. It seems as though going to my original school is a better idea, regardless of its rankings. Second, the UC's go by a quarter system, while I'm more used to a semester system, so I feel very uncomfortable about adapting to a fast paced and academically rigorous environment. I have fairly good grades in my original school, and the semesters gives me more time to digest what I've learned. Third and final, the cost and expenses (from tuition to personal expenses) are way, WAY lower in my original school. Even though my parents want me to go to a UC, which costs at least three times more than my original school, they are constantly complaining to me about the expenses. It's really straining the family financially.

So TQC, which school should I choose?

ETA: I forgot to mention, the conflict I'm having right now is if I back out of my UC school and go back to my old school, my ASIAN parents would totally flip and disown me in the act of rage (haha). So my question should be: How can I convince my parents to let me go back?
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