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Honk honk

1. How often do other motorists honk at you? (Friends saying "Hi" doesn't count).

2. Describe the traffic situation where you drive. (Downtown in a large city in SoCal, some small town in the midwest, the boondocks, etc.)

3. What is your scariest Road Rage tale?

1). I get honked out about maybe once every 3-4 months. I just got honked out after taking off at a 4-way stop. I got to the intersection, stopped and let the two cars on my left go first. I wanted to make a right turn so I took off after those two when the second pair of cars to my left took off after the first cars. I pumped the gas and made the turn quickly and this guy in a big red truck put his fist on the horn for nine seconds. (There were no cars across from me or on my right side, so I figured it was my turn after the first cars on the left drove off.)

2. I drive in a fairly large city, usually in the morning, early afternoon and early evening. I spend most of my time in my part of the city going to the mall or getting fast food. I also take the expressway to get across town when I need to get to school or go shopping.

3. Nothing heinous. The worst incidents include:
I was at a red light. Both the right and left lanes had to turn, and I was in the left. The cars in the right turned on the red but I stayed put since I was in the left (I think the left lane has to wait till a greenlight). I got honked out, cars behind me were pulling out into the other lane, and the man behind me was contorting his face in rage and raising his hand saying "Come on!" The light turned green and I took off.

And my ex-boyfriend was riding some guy's rear so the guy finally stopped in the middle of the road (making us stop), and actually got out of his car and came at us. My bf just went around him and floored it.
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