non (ontheqt) wrote in thequestionclub,

What should I do?

Hey everyone,

I'm wondering if i should go to college for film or find a mini film school.
I really haven't shot anything,perse.
I sort of shot a short film in a film workshop once, but everything turned out horrible and that was mainly due to an unresponsive cast and ignorance and laziness by me. The workshop wasn't really a class perse as was more like a film perspective class. The teacher just showed us a doc about Ingmar Bergman once and asked us to bring in our fav movie scenes and sometimes discussed film techniques. It was really bad.
However, I attended a session with a famous cinematographer and when he was discussing a certain film technique, I was able to finish what he was saying.
and I pretty much knew what he was talking about alot of the time.
so what do you guys think?

Tags: advice, school
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