ev (cio) wrote in thequestionclub,

An easy one.

My wife prepared and cooked a delicious looking pork roast, however, she fell asleep while it was in the oven. I tried to wake her up when it was finished cooking, but she wouldn't budge. A few hours have since passed and she's still sound asleep. It seems a waste to let this whole roast go uneaten, and only have it the day after as leftovers (or.. like.. i dunno, postponed dinner) Would it be rude to eat it without her? Especially considering she put effort into making a nice meal?
What should I do??

*For the record, I am hungry.*

If my food dilemma interests you not,

What should I download off the Playstation Network?

*EDIT* I got busted! She woke up right in the middle of me trying to cut the roast incorrectly. *headdesk*

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