allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in thequestionclub,
allison vernon-williams

How would you describe the concept of an LJ community to someone who understands LJ purely as an online journal? Specifically, how would you describe TQC?

Another wedding-based question (since I rsvp'd yes as a single): the wedding is in a garden at 5:00 PM. What do you consider an appropriate dress? I like these three dresses, but don't know if they're too casual, or if the last one is too ~white~ or whatever. It's mid-october, but we're in Georgia, so it'll still be hot enough to fry an egg, but cool at night. I was thinking a cardigan for when the sun sets, if any of those meet approval here.

Tea: iced and sweet or hot and unfucked with?

What should I have for dinner? Green beans with new potatoes, squash casserole, or cheese and crackers are my options.
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