Sarah (crayola_bomb) wrote in thequestionclub,

There may actually be no answer, but it's worth a shot......I'm a big fan of sleep, huge really, but I'm very easily swayed out of my schedule.

I have to wake up in the mornings at 6:20 (I know, I know, it could be so much worse) and then I'm in school until 3:06, home by about 4:15. The problem is, I'm EXHAUSTED when I get home, and after homework and dinner, I usually fall asleep around 7pm. Since I fall asleep early, I wake up early around 3:45am, and I'm wired by 8, until I crash at noon. I'm so tired and gross and it's making weekends impossible to enjoy because all I want to do is nap. People tell me that when I get home, I should A) take a nap or B) get up and do something, but if I nap, then I can not wake up, and I actually don't have enough energy to do anything.

How the hell can I control my sleep habits?!?!!?
Tags: advice, health
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